Nash Reunion c. 1919
Bowne Twp., Kent Co., Michigan

Since the original list of names was not numbered, mistakes are inevitable. If you recognize someone, please email to confirm or make corrections.

    Second row:

  1. Mattie Nash
  2. Vern Nash [son of James Morrison Nash]
  3. Possibly Jonathan Wilbur Califf
  4. Den Holcomb [probably David Denman Holcomb, grandson of Emily Nash]
  5. John Nash I from Ohio [John Wilson Nash, son of John Nash who was Alden’s brother]
  6. John Augustus Nash
  7. Sherman Colson [son of Clarissa Nash & Nathaniel Colson – died June 10, 1919]
  8. Daniel L. Nash
  9. Tom Nash [son of John Augustus Nash]
  10. Earl Nash ?
  11. Third row: Almost hidden behind second row

  12. Unknown lady
  13. John Porritt [son of John Porritt & Elizabeth Pallister Porritt]
  14. Emery Califf with a baby
  15. John Nash [son of John Augustus Nash]
  16. Irvin Leigh [husband of Lottie Colson]
  17. Lottie Colson [gr. granddaughter of Clarissa Nash Colson]
  18. Unknown Lady
  19. Unknown Girl
  20. John Nash II from Ohio [John Seneca Nash, son of John Wilson Nash]
  21. Ethel Nash [married to Lorenzo “Tom” Nash who is son of John Augustus Nash]
  22. Boyd Colson [gr. grandson of Clarissa Nash Colson]
  23. Ella Nash [married to John Nash who is son of John Augustus Nash]
  24. Unknown
  25. Henry Johnson
  26. Arthur Nash [son of James Morrison Nash]
  27. Will Pardee [married Gladys Johnson who is dau of Eleanor Nash & James C. Johnson]
  28. Fourth row:

  29. Mrs. Will Morgan [Emily Holcomb, dau of Philancia Patchin Holcomb, granddaughter of Emily Nash]
  30. Unknown young boy
  31. Edith Nash [married to Owen Nash who is son of John Augustus Nash]
  32. Rose [Francis Rosalia Nash] Califf
  33. Mary Elizabeth (Nash) Johnson
  34. Mother [Alice Porritt Nash, wife of John Augustus Nash]
  35. Mrs. Den Holcomb [Lydia English Holcomb]
  36. Unknown lady
  37. Arthur Nashes wife [Jennie McNaughton Nash] ?
  38. Owen Nash [son of John Augustus Nash]
  39. Olive E. (Nash) Bergy [dau of John Augustus Nash]
  40. Fifth row:

  41. Unknown boy
  42. Unknown boy
  43. One young man
  44. John McKinley Nash from Ohio [son of John Seneca Nash]
  45. Unknown man
  46. Unknown man
  47. Fanny Califf
  48. Alden Nash Porritt
  49. Lucile Johnson?
  50. Unknown
  51. Lydia Porritt
  52. Eleanor Pardee ?[granddaughter of Eleanor Louisa Nash & James C. Johnson]
  53. Unknown woman
  54. Eleanor Elizabeth
  55. Sixth row starting in tree:

  56. Roy Califf
  57. Ozi Pardee [married Jennie Johnson who was dau of Eleanor Nash & James C. Johnson]
  58. Unknown
  59. Lydia Porritt [wife of John William Porritt]
  60. Ethel Nash [married to Tom Nash]
  61. Gladys Pardee [Gladys Johnson Pardee, dau of Eleanor Louisa Nash & James C. Johnson
  62. Jen Pardee
  63. Edna Johnson
  64. Dell Scott [maybe Fannie Adell Johnson, dau of Mary Elizabeth Nash]
  65. Kate Cosgriff [Kate Johnson, dau of Eleanor Louisa Nash]
  66. Unknown man
  67. Jim Porritt [married Jessie Holcomb]
  68. Unknown man
  69. Edward Bergy [married Olive E. Nash]
  70. Unkown man


Here is the original written list: